Behavioural Advice

At Sandy bay Holistic Vet Centre we strive to provide fear and stress free vet visits for your pets.

Dr Boersma and all the nursing staff are trained in animal handling & husbandry techniques,  & are always ready to give that little extra for your pet to be at ease. 

We offer a number of services and products to assist with behavioural issues which may negatively affect the wellbeing of your pet and you,  the owner. (separation anxiety, barking, anxiety, aggression,  reactivity etc)

  • Consults to provide holistic solutions for behavioural issues using positive reward training techniques, herbal & homeopathic formulations & specialised diets.

  • Information booklets on cat and dog care which include training & behavioural advice

  • Handouts: Reward Based Training, Re-training your dog after he/she has trained you, Training Dogs to love their crates, etc

  • Thundershirts for sale to help dogs and cats with anxiety

  • Pheromone* sprays for consults for cats and dogs. We also have sprays and diffusers for sale. 

* Dog & Cat Appeasing Pheromones. Mother dogs and cats communicate with their puppies/kittens via chemical signals or pheromones to provide comfort and security. They are odorless and only perceived by dog or cats, helping them to feel calm and relaxed. 


Professional dog trainers can help you manage all manner of problematic behavioral issues with your pet. They can assist you to identify the origin or triggers of the behavior and teach you strategies to avoid those triggers and change your dog’s emotional state to enable the dog to relax when they encounter what would have been a stressful situation.

These trainers are experienced in helping you manage and deal with behavioral issues in dogs and will support you through the process towards a much happier relationship with your family pet.

EveryDog   – Dog training, Daycare, and Behaviour Consulting

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