Behavioural Advice

Behavioural AdviceAsk at reception about:

  • handouts on cat and dog care which include behavioural advice

  • barking collars for hire – ask us how these can stop your dog barking too much

  • thundershirts for sale to help dogs and cats with anxiety

  • calming pheromone sprays and collars for cats and dogs

For dog training contact:

Hobart Dog Training Club

Club Canine Tasmania

Eastern Shore Dog Club

For problem behaviours contact:

Understand Your Dog

Merry Conway is a qualified Dog Listener who helps with problem dog behaviours like excessive barking, jumping up, anxiety and nervous aggression.

Dr. Katrina Ward

Dr. Ward an animal behavioural consultant who works with problem behaviours in dogs, cats, birds, and other animals.

Vicki Cleaver

Karen Prior Academy, CTP Professional Puppy Start Right Preschool classes

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