CatsAre you a cat slave? The independent nature of cats is something we all joke about, but a cat is still a big commitment in terms of time, care and money. They may be part of your family for 15 to 20 years!

We see lots of cats and can answer your questions about health checks, vaccinations, diet and behaviour.

Cats over 10 years old qualify for a free annual check-up with Dr. Boersma and may qualify for a free dental checkup if we have not seen them for some time.


We recommend that you:

  • de-sex your cat

  • feed a good quality complete balanced diet suitable for the cat’s life stage and health condition

  • microchip your cat

  • fit your cat with a bell to prevent killing of wildlife

  • ask us about worming, flea and tick control, and dental care

Keep your cat happy with:

  • a scratching post

  • an upholstered resting perch for snoozing

  • a safe exercise area, like an outdoor run or cat-proofed back yard

  • clean, unscented litter trays (one for each cat, plus one extra)

  • use ceramic water and food bowls and place them away from the litter trays

Health checks:

Kittens should be vaccinated early against diseases like feline enteritis and cat flu from 9 weeks of age. Booster vaccinations are required in 3 to 4 weeks then annualy. Ask our staff for an information brochure or book an appointment.


If your cat is lethargic and not eating or drinking as usual, call us. Cats and kittens can become sick quickly and may need urgent attention.

More about cat care:

Ask for our Feline Information Handout, The Kitty Dental Health Handbook, and brochures on other topics, like how to make your home cat-friendly. This RSPCA website also has great advice.

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