puppy toyThinking of getting a dog? Have a new puppy? Or perhaps your beloved hound has entered the senior years and is needing extra care?

At SBHVC we treat dogs of all kinds and ages with a special focus on maintaining good health into the senior years.


Being a dog owner means that:

  • when your dog is six months old, you must register it with your local municipality

  • you must renew your dog registrations each year (reduced rates apply for desexed dogs)

  • you must microchip your dog at six months of age

  • if you have more than two dogs on your property, you will need a kennel licence

  • feed your dog a good quality complete and balanced diet suitable for the dog’s life stage and health condition

Our delightful canine companions come with some big responsibilities, and one of these is looking after their health.

We can advise you on appropriate vaccinations for your dog – some vaccinations are strongly advised such as distemper, parvovirus and kennel cough, in Australia and some are optional such as leptospirosis and corona virus. Puppies should be vaccinated at 8 or 9 weeks with boosters given in 2 to 4 weeks then annually.

Ask us about the pros and cons of having your dog neutered to prevent unwanted breeding and health issues in later life.

Daily exercise helps your dog maintain good physical and mental health. Half an hour to an hour a day is recommended.

Brush your dog weekly to keep the coat shiny and get rid of loose hairs. We offer specialist grooming for all dogs.

Health checks:

Bring your dog in annually for advice on common problems with

  • fleas, worms and ticks

  • healthy weight management

  • sunburn and skin allergies

  • teeth, gums and bad breath

Senior dogs (age 7 and up) qualify for a special rate health check with us each year.


If you notice something unusual about your pet’s appearance or behaviour, call us. Signs of illness can be subtle and it’s best to catch any problem early.

More about dog care:

City of Hobart


Ask for our Canine Information Handout at reception.

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