Senior Pets

Senior PetsAnimals age faster than humans. Some larger animals enter their senior years after the age of five. And as our furry friends age they need more looking after.

Dr. Boersma specialises in treating senior pets. He applies a range of conventional and natural treatments to help them live longer and with the best possible comfort.

Senior pet discount

Pets 10 years and older are eligible for one reduced cost health check per year with Dr. Boersma. Tell us your pet’s birthday and you’ll be sent a reminder on their special day.

Senior pet problems

Most senior pet health issues are the same as ours:

  • arthritic joints from previous injuries

  • lower back pain

  • sore knees and hips

  • dental issues

  • digestive problems

  • cancers

  • loss of mental function

  • hearing and sight loss

  • organ dysfunction e.g. liver and kidneys

Often senior pets have more than one health issue, which complicates treatment. For example, some pain relievers used for arthritis will be unsuitable for a pet whose kidneys aren’t working well. This is where Dr. Boersma’s knowledge of alternative treatments can be very useful.


Arthritis is the most common age-related condition that we see at SBHVC. It can be very painful and sometimes crippling.

We can take radiographs to see the extent of the problem, and perform blood tests to see which medicines will best suit your pet.

Treatment begins with pain relief. Herbal mixtures can work well on their own or in conjunction with conventional medicines like opiates and anti-inflammatories. A pain relieving herbal mixture will have ingredients like turmeric, rose hip, magnesium, vitamin C, black pepper extract, Devil’s claw, cat’s claw, Boswellia, Myrh, MSM. Homeopathic remedies like arnica, Rhustox, Ruagrav and Bryonia can also be effective, and other natural supplements like glucosamine sulphate. (You might recognize that many of these are used by people too!)

Animals with arthritis may not be able to exercise much but will still often have a good appetite, so weight control is important. Dr. Boersma will advise on diet and exercise options. For example, raw pureed vegies can be added to food to bulk it out and reduce the amount of your pet’s usual food. Exercising in the hydrotherapy unit will increase mobility, muscle tone and strength.

Dr. Boersma may also offer your pet:

  • PEMF treatment to improve blood flow to arthritic joints and help tissue repair.

  • Acupuncture with needles or electrical stimulation to encourage healing.

  • Chiropractic manipulation of spine and joints.

  • Myofascial release, muscle stretching and massage.

  • Laser treatment of joints affected by arthritis.

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