Chinese Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy

Chinese Herbal Medicine and HomeopathyDr. Boersma is experienced in the use of homeopathic and Chinese herbal remedies and may offer these along with traditional veterinary treatments.


Homeopathy treats illnesses using very diluted natural medicines.

Homeopathic remedies can be useful for conditions like:

  • arthritis

  • atopic dermatitis

  • lameness

  • epilepsy

  • diarrhoea

  • breathing problems

  • aggression

  • fear

  • itching

  • hyperthyroidism

  • kidney failure

Chinese herbal medicine

Plants have been used as medicine by many cultures. Dr. Boersma has studied aspects of Chinese herbal medicine and prescribes herbal treatments where appropriate.

The herbal medicines are made from natural ingredients and minimally processed.

Herbal remedies can be good for:

  • stimulating the immune system

  • liver conditions

  • poor kidney function

  • anxiety

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