Daphne McNeill

Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse

I drove my parents crazy when I was growing up wanting a pony, but seeing as I lived in suburbia with non-horsey parents it was impossible. Instead, I would bring home any little soul that needed a home or rescuing from magpies, mice to possums to cats and dogs even a blue tongue lizard to the shock of my mother! My dad was always so wonderful in helping me to find them a home or to give them the care that they needed.

It is no surprise that I was to become a veterinary nurse even though it did take me most of my life to get there!

While I waiting to become a veterinary nurse I worked extensively in the horse industry in Australia and overseas in competition yards as a groom and stable hand. I also completed my instructor's certificate in the UK and also became a dressage judge to advanced levels. One of the highlights in my career in the horse industry was working with our Dressage gold medalist Mary Hannah in Macedon Victoria. It was here that I purchased my first horse “Eddie” who changed my life forever and put me on the path to follow my dreams.

I still drive my mum crazy with taking animals in need home!

We now share a property with 13 sheep (all hand-reared) 9 chickens, 1 rooster, a horse, and a pony, 2 dogs, and 4 cats.

I love my job I feel that I have the best job in the world, I can help any little soul that needs help and I can give those a voice that needs it. I could never turn my back on any soul that needs help.

I have a real passion for horses and my next challenge is to begin studying the biomechanics of the horse. I'm wondering where this may take me?

I love working at Sandy Bay Holistic Veterinary Centre and meeting so many different animal and human souls, I love being able to give my time and experience to offer the many varied therapies that we have available here.

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