We provide desexing surgery for young and mature cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs.

Animals being desexed are admitted to the Clinic in the morning of the day of surgery. The surgery is performed between 11.30 and 2.00pm Monday to Friday. We will contact you after the surgery with an update on their progress and recovery at which time we will arrange a time for you to come and pick them up. Discharge times are generally around 4.30pm or at a time to suit you.

Cats and dogs do need to be fasted before surgery; we ask that you do not feed your pet after 10.00pm the night before surgery. Water can be given through the night.

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs should not be fasted. These animals need to continue to eat so please bring some of their regular food with you when you bring them in.

We recommend dogs are desexed around 6 months of age. Cats can be desexed once they reach at least 1.2 kilos.

Male rabbits can be desexed between 3-4 months of age and females around 6 months.

Male guinea pigs can be desexed between 3-4 months of age and females between 6-9 months.

Male and female ferrets can be desexed between 6-9 months of age.

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