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  • Professional Vet Practice

  • Conventional and natural therapies

  • Consultations by appointment

  • 24 hours emergency care at AHVEC 37 Derwent Park Rd, Moonah Hobart

We are the only holistic Vet practice in Hobart specialising in natural therapies. Sandy Bay Holistic Veterinary Centre is the Vet practice of Dr. David Boersma, we are located in the Hobart suburb of Sandy Bay. There is plenty of free parking both in the street and at the back of the practice.

Holistic Health Care
Dr. David Boersma is qualified in conventional veterinary medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture. David uses natural therapies alongside conventional therapies to enhance recovery from illness and injury.

Sandy Bay Holistic Veterinary Centre
We focus on your pet’s wellbeing as well as their particular health problems. For example, if your pet has a broken leg, this will affect their health in other ways. Their exercise will be limited; they may gain weight, or lose confidence and become depressed. Dr. Boersma takes all these factors into account when treating your pet. A combination of treatments can also give better results and help your pet recover more quickly from illness or injury.

Natural Therapies
Our natural therapies are gentle and without the unpleasant side effects of some conventional medicines. We prescribe hydrotherapy, PEMF therapy, Laser therapy, acupuncture, Ozone therapy, Homeopathy, Western herbs and Chinese Herbal medicine.

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