Ozone Therapy

Ozone TherapyWe use ozone therapy as a supportive therapy to help detoxify the body and activate the immune system. It is used to treat infection and inflammatory conditions in animals. It is also used as an aid in the treatment of cancer.

The basic principle of ozone therapy is to increase oxygen in the body. This helps it clear away toxins.


  • decreases inflammation and swelling

  • boosts immune function

  • reduces pain

  • speeds healing

  • enhances the action of antibiotics

What happens during treatment?

A nurse will sit with your pet while they receive ozone treatment. A tube releases ozone (a gas) into the rectum, and this will slowly percolate through the body. The tube is usually quite comfortable for the animal. If your pet is anxious or stressed, the nurse will offer comfort and distraction. If you want to sit with your pet during the session, you may.

Treatment usually lasts about 20 minutes. Sometimes, depending on the size of the animal, there will be short pauses in the treatment.

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