Parasite control

Parasites are organisms that feed on animals (ectoparasites) like ticks and fleas or within animals (endoparasites).

Common parasites include fleas, ticks, mites, lice, heartworm, as well as intestinal worms, and others such as Giardia. Parasites can be harmful to your pet’s health and if untreated, can cause fatal illnesses and may pose a threat to human health. Ticks and fleas can cause dermatitis and can carry and transmit disease to other animals and people, such as tapeworm and bacterial Bartonella (Lyme Disease).

All the parasites can be treated by different products that we sell:

  • Fleas/ticks

  • Advantage, Advantix, Advocate (‘spot-on’ treatments); Nexgard, Bravecto, Capstar (chews/tablets), and Advantage Seresto collars. Flea/tick treatments for cats are species-specific Advantage and Frontline.

  • Intestinal worms

  • Advocate & Profender (‘spot-on’ treatments); Popantel, Pyraquantal & Milbemax (tablets), and Guardian chews (which also cover Heartworm - a requirement for travel to/from Mainland Australia).

  • Giardia is diagnosed and treated by the veterinarian.

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