HydrotherapyHydrotherapy is a low impact form of physical therapy. In the hydrotherapy unit, animals can exercise while supported by water. This helps them:

  • regain normal use of legs after orthopaedic surgery

  • increase mobility in arthritic joints

  • if they are old and weak and find normal exercise painful

  • strengthen muscles, e.g. in athletic performance dogs like agility dogs and greyhounds

  • lose weight, along with a healthy diet

  • improve neurological function from minor spinal injury

hydrotherapy-5Hydrotherapy increases circulation, heart rate and oxygen uptake, which increase fitness.

Once your pet is inside the unit, the water rises to a pre-set level and the treadmill starts. Speed and water level are controlled according to your pet’s condition. They can be further supported by floatation devices if needed.

You’re welcome to stay with your pet during the session, and to video or photograph them in the water to track progress.

How is hydrotherapy different to taking your dog for a swim in the sea?

Not all dogs like to, or can, swim. Also, swimming mainly exercises the front legs. Swimming in the sea or a lake can give your pet skin, ear, eye and tummy problems. The hydrotherapy unit is safe and hygienic and the water is a warm 30ºC. Trained staff with knowledge of first aid and orthopaedic conditions look after your pet during the session.

Booking in

Discuss hydrotherapy benefits with your regular vet and see if they think it may be suitable. Your vet will then contact us with relevant history notes. If they give your phone number we’ll call you, otherwise we’ll wait to hear from you.

You’ll need to bring in your pet for an initial consult so we can come up with a treatment plan. When referred by another vet this consult fee is discounted by 50%. We keep in touch to let them know how your pet is going with the treatment.

We like to work with other vet clinics to keep pets healthy and happy!

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