Our veterinary team perform a wide range of surgical procedures.

Orthopaedic surgery – fracture repair and correction of luxation (displacement of joint surfaces from their normal alignment)

Repair of soft tissues such as hernias and ruptures. A common hernia is an umbilical hernia in young animals, fat or abdominal organs protrude through an opening in the abdominal wall forming a small bump under the skin. Ruptures occur when normal tissue is torn or degenerates creating an opening allowing organs of the body to be displaced outside of their normal position. Hernias such as diaphragmatic hernias can be traumatic following motor vehicle accidents.

Abscesses, fighting cats can sustain a bite injury and often develop an abscess at the site of the bite. The site is often around the head, very swollen and painful and becomes visible about 24 hours after the fight. Surgery is needed to open and flush the infected area and insert a drain to allow the wound to heal.

Lumps and bumps. There are many types of growths both on and under the skin that can be removed or treated with surgery or herbal medicines, both to slow down and to reverse their growth.

Respiratory surgery, some animals are born with deformities to their respiratory tract that can be corrected with surgery such as a cleft palate or reduced openings in the nose making breathing difficult.

Abdominal surgery may be required for diseases/illnesses of the stomach or small and large intestines. Often surgery is required to remove foreign bodies from the intestinal tract. Certain diseases/tumors/trauma of the liver and spleen may require surgery to remove part of, or all of (in splenic torsion/gastric torsion/tumour) organs.

Urinary tract, blockages to the urinary tract are an emergency and need to be treated immediately – catheters need to be placed, the obstruction flushed out and surgery may be required to remove bladder or kidney stones.

Reproduction surgery, mainly involving desexing animals or caesarean sections. If bitches are left entire a life threatening issue called pyometra can occur where the uterus fills with toxic pus and will need emergency removal.

Eye surgery, eye surgery may involve removal or freezing of growths on the eyelid, repositioning of the third eyelid, correction of the eyelid margin that may be either rolling inwards or outwards causing irritation to the surface of the eye or surrounding tissues.

Ear surgery, may involve repair of trauma to the ear, removal of growths or foreign bodies, draining and repair for a haematoma. Laser can be used to help the ear heal in cases of chronic inflammation otitis externa.

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