X-rays (Radiology)

During the course of the Vet’s examination of patient’s radiology images may be required to aid in the diagnoses of an animal’s problems. Our pets can’t tell us where it hurts so radiology imaging allows David to analyse and view the skeleton and internal organs to detect abnormalities like fractures, foreign bodies, masses, fluid or gas. Radiology is also used as a tool before and after surgery to check the alignment of joints or placement of orthopaedic implants.

Radiographs are performed in our surgical theatre. If the animal is calm we can take images without sedation, thought usually sedation and anasthesia is required to help them relax so we can take a clear image.

Once the radiograph is taken we will explain our interpretation of the image immediately.

If required the images can be emailed to a specialist veterinarian or surgeon for a second opinion.

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